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At Elogia we combine more than 20 years of experience as a digital marketing agency with 10 years developing projects for some of the main pharmaceutical companies in the world like Roche, Lacer, Boehringer

We are very conscious of compliance regulations in the pharmaceutical industry and we offer digital marketing solutions to maximize the results impacting your target market.

Agencia marketing farmaceutico


What we did?
  • Digital Consulting for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Social Media Consulting for pharmaceutical companies.
  • Strategize the organic positioning of websites based on specific therapeutic areas.
  • Strategize the increase of medicine awareness to the general public, patients, and medical professionals.


  • Strategize to increase awareness of prescribed medicines targeting medical professionals.
  • Strategize and execute campaigns to raise awareness and prevention to the general public
  • Advertising Campaigns of consumer health products focusing on sales. 
  • Advertising effectiveness of medicines and healthcare products research.


  • Estrategias para el conocimiento de medicamentos sujetos a prescripción médica específicas para profesionales sanitarios
  • Estrategias y campañas de concienciación y prevención para público general
  • Campañas publicitarias de productos de consumer health con objetivo de compra
  • Estudios de eficacia publicitaria de medicamentos o productos de belleza


  • Marketing the launch of new medicines digitally.
  • Marketing campaigns with patients associations. 
  • Inbound strategies for OTC products.
  • Managing social networks of prevention campaigns.

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What our clients says
“As brands, we are clear about the goals and the challenges we face, but we often lack the proper execution. Elogia’s team has been working hard with us to implement our digital strategy, in a market as complex and regulated as the pharmaceutical industry. Firm steps, perseverance, and above all a passion to grow brands by working together as a team”

Raquel Folch

Brand Manager en Zambon

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But if something makes us different, it is that we are experts putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients and anticipating their needs. We know that the key to our sector is flexibility and agility. We have 4 values that make us different: We embrace the change, Do not settle, We create talent and We take fun seriously.


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